amaebi (amaebi) wrote,

I am saddish

My voice is 98% gone. Earlier, it didn't sound quite right if you knew me, but that was the worst of it.

This morning, I had to make at least for phone calls: one very unpleasant, one wearying, two okay if I didn't dislike making phone calls. I did the very unpleasant one. It turned out better than the predecessors that had formed my expectation, and yet I'm still kind of appalled. (The others will have to wait till I have audibility again.)

Yesterday we were scheduled to have our garbage and recycling picked up. I had them out and waiting before 6:00 a.m. The garbage was picked up. The recycling was not.

I have phoned the company on two previous occasions when they have not picked up garbage. These calls did not result in the garbage being picked up, but in my being assured that they were not going to pick it up, and they were quite happy about that. So I was anticipating the same, upon which I was going to tell them that they would pick up the recycling or I would take it to their office and empty my bins on desks and floors.

Surprisingly, I didn't have to do that. The recycling has now been picked up. And yet.

They didn't send out recycling trucks yesterday because of the weather. (I can understand that: no problem.) No, they weren't going to pick up recycling put out yesterday. Since I had called I could request a pick-up, or I could request a credit. "I would prefer to have the service we paid for," I said, and the chap seemed surprisedish.

Sheeyun tells me that all the waste companies serving our area are rated horrible, but I think I would like a change.
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