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Hammer and sickle

On Thursday as I drove Chun Woo to school, he said something about the "Russian flag," meaning the old Soviet flag, having a hammer and a sickle on it. "That's the symbol of Russia," he said.

So I asked if he knew what it meant, which he didn't. And so I told him that the Communist ideals valued labour foundationally, and the flag paid tribute to that, though those ideals and the Soviet state didn't turn out all that well in practice, as democratic ideals have often failed. And we spoke of the sickle symbolizing agriculture and the hammer manufactures.

Last night I listened to a bit of the USian commentary on the Russian Olympic opening pageant. Once they'd said that a portion of the presentation represented the uniformity, the identicalness, of the people of the Russias, I couldn't deal with any more. (Labour and the proletariat were what were being celebrated.)

What would US viewers make of a commentary by newsheads from another country, talking about how the US pageant wasn't illuminating or celebrating the Euro-America founding and ongoing theft of Native land and lives? Our decision not to showcase the enslavement of myriad African peoples and people, and their offspring? Our Post-Second-World-War warmongering?

I don't idealize the history of any nation, including those nations whose history I don't know. I certainly don't elevate Stalin, nor the Soviet Union, and I don't think communism has worked out very well much of anywhere. What I'm on about the the lack of symmetry, the glass houses.
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