amaebi (amaebi) wrote,

This is what I sent to my congresspersons for "The Day We Fight Back:

I am writing to urge you to cosponsor the USA Freedom Act, a bipartisan bill aimed at limiting government spying and restoring our constitutional rights.

The USA Freedom Act, introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, would end the bulk collection of Americans’ records, allow communications providers to disclose the number of surveillance orders they receive and make public FISA court opinions.

This violates the Fourth Amendment right of security from unreasonable search and seizure by the federal government. It is also an ineffective program likely to be used in prejudicial ways: the massive collection of data cannot easily be searched except by use of invidious word and phrase search. More focused searches entail information that could be used in more focused and monitored data collection.

The NSA's sweeping data collection under the Patriot Act costs more than it's worth-- including our nation's identity. Please co-sponsor the USA Freedom Act to correct this situation. Thank you.

Mary Ann Dimand
Tags: activism, civil rights
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