amaebi (amaebi) wrote,

Traveler, where will you spend your dimes?

"A Secret Weapon in the War on Women
"Tourism is one of the biggest industries in so many of the states pushing attacks on reproductive health. Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Arizona, Michigan—all of them depend on tourism dollars, and all of them are on the front lines of the war on women.

"Here's the cool part: Turns out that ads in airports and travel websites are affordable enough that even with a small ad buy we can get enough attention to start convincing women to consider spending their vacation dollars elsewhere.

"No politician wants to put one of their state's key industries at risk, and if even a small percentage of women change their vacation plans, it'll put enormous pressure on these state officials to change their ways. Can you chip in to get this project off the ground?"
Tags: activism, feminism
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