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Jefferson County school board

Last fall I was quite unhappy with election results-- most unhappy with the school board elections.

Now, "Last November, conservative-politics school board candidates won high-profile elections in Colorado to retain control in Douglas County and to win control in Jefferson County. Stevenson had planned to stay through her term, which ends in June, but she decided to exit early because the new majority members on the board clearly planned to challenge her even on `everyday affairs,' as the Denver Post put it. Stevenson said standoffs in recent days built around decisions on what tool to use to evaluate pre-school students, what staff applicants to hire and the need to sign off on appointees to a committee."

The other day, as I put an Enrichment class registration in the PTSO mailbox at the chun man's school, I saw a sign-up list for teachers. It was about affirming support of the teacher's union, which opposes Douglas County style changes to the schools and to the working conditions of teachers and students. I asked one of the teachers who'd signed how I could be in solidarity with them.

Now I understand more what that's about. I'd forgot about the three school board candidates.
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