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Some nice features in Colorado theatre

Today we went to the last play in our Colorado Shakespeare Festival subscription, Henry IV (Part I). From the first scene we got to take pleasure in a number of nobleman parts being cast with women. And then in Act III, in came Owen Glendower's daughter, Lady Mortimer, played by Jenna Bainbridge, I knew her from last year's A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which she acted Hermia. She has an ambulatory disability caused by partial paralysis below the waist, and walks with a gait that permits her to swing one leg out by rotating her hip.

Last year's Midsummer director said he'd seen Bainbridge in a Phamaly production-- I think of The Glass Menagerie-- and wanted her for Hermia. And her ermia and her Lady Mortimer just happened to limp-- because why not?

Casting pleasures.

I wish the casts weren't so overwhelmingly White, but these other features of casting are a pleasure.

It was also a top-notch professional production, though since they set up this season with a Falstaff focus, also playing Henry IV (Part II) and Merry Wives of Windsor, editing left more time spent juking Sir John than works for 20-21st century me.
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