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Ups and downs

This morning as we stood in the line to board the bus to camp, Chun Woo's eyes fell upon a product logo on his friend Arjun's jacket, and he exclaimed, "Look, he's a Nazi!"

I said, "That is not something to say about a person.What are you talking about?" and he explained.

Sort of.

I didn't initially quite grasp what image he was looking at,on whom.

I could tell he was talking about swastikas.

And I told him there was a very ancient Sanskrit image like that but going the opposite way, not Nazi. And similarly a northwest Indian image.

But I think we're going to need to talk about: the term "Nazi" and its role in the contemporary United States, logos, images and display style. He definitely knows what the Nazis were, but I don't think I've talked with him about the role of the term or the role of the role in the contemporary US.

Chun Woo told me that yesterday he met someone from England at his camp, and that he asked, "Not to ask a stereotypical question, but do you know about Doctor Who?" She said, "Yes, of course!" I'm pleased that he understands "stereotypical," which came up in the past month when he asked me if I liked the old Mario Brothers TV show.
Tags: history, identity, public discourse, racism
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