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Next to last Lakeside photos

The cyclone is a classic wooden rollercoaster.

old ferris.1
Alas for ferris wheel past.

old ferris.2
I guess the cars and the machinery guts were removed for use elsewhere. Or perhaps just to prevent visitors from getting creative, damaging ourselves, and suing.

This serious and classic merry-go-round counts as a major ride.

It's a little dilapidated.

Or maybe more dilapidated that that.

But you could ride a deer or a dragon chariot.

Or a rabbit.

ride vista.13
Scrambler, Wild Chipmunk, Cyclone.

ride vista.4
There is a working ferris wheel: Chun Woo rode on it with me!

ride vista.6
A ten- or eleven-year-old boy told me this was a great ride. I believe it.

ride vista.5
The sign for this ride entices one to be a pilot.

ride vista.7
Octopus and Cyclone.

ride vista.8
Tilt-a-Whirl and Cyclone.

Train alongside the lake.

toward lake boat rides.2
The piers and so on are still well kept.

toward lake boat ride.4
Nonetheless, according to Wikipedia this is a defunct ride.

As international as Las Vegas! Ride the Matterhorn!

flying dutchman.1
Or the Flying Dutchman!

skoota boats.3
And you know you want to go on the Skoota Boats.
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