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Details and other buildings

Cyclone relief.1
I love this relief, and need to make it a userpic for something. Maybe for Whee! The styling looks 1920s or perhaps 1930s to me. On more rational consideration, I look at the skirts and the hair and double down on that.

I look at something like this, and know that someone thought how much children would love seeing it. And I wonder whether any children spontaneously do enjoy seeing that sort of thing. It strikes me as so much a product of the designers' sentimental notions about abstract children. But I certainly remember being urged to admire things of that sort as a child, and dutifully trying. I used to think that all children were quite compliant that way, up to a certain age, and I still think lots are.

The building in the foreground is used for storage now, but apparently used to be the Casino Theater. It's not quite clear to me which building used to be the Riviera ballroom. Tres elegant.

college pizza.1
Be tops with the frosh! Have pizza at an amusement park!
I used to work at a pizza and bar-and-grill place in Carbondale just around 1980, and was told about how the owners had opened it not that long earlier, when pizza was New and Fashionable.

crystal palace.1
Apparently a still-functioning labyrinth. I imagine with funhouse mirrors and like that.

royal grove.1
Would you care to repose yourself and take a little repast at the Royal Grove?

ungrand entrance
A last, regretful backward glance on the way out.

defunct racetrack.1
A tip of the hat to the racetrack that the park also used to run.

parking lot and neighbourhood
And we bid farewell to the neighbourhood.
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